The Technology Behind
Our Success

Built in 2018 specifically for handling insurance claims, Claim Assist Technologies is an end-to-end performance management platform that optimizes claims processing. It was created using top-tier technology that puts the user experience at the center of the software. As a modular platform, Claim Assist Technologies is customizable based on the needs of the carrier.

Intelligent Workflow Distribution

Claim Assist Technologies ensures that the work is assigned to an adjuster who is skilled and capable of handling the specific claim. By integrating with NIPR, we are able to gather intelligence around which adjusters can handle claims based on skill and geography.

High-Level Communication and Transparency

Claim Assist Technologies allows the adjuster, carrier, and customer to be informed about the status of a claim. We anticipate and answer questions about the claim before they are even asked. Our system seamlessly routes calls to the appropriate person in the claims process.

Virtual Claim Handling

Claim Assist Technologies eases the burden on the customer to adjust their claim, and improves the overall customer experience in claim settlement, including faster resolution times.

Audit-Quality Capabilities

Our system drives a high level of claim resolution accuracy through automated quality assurance, effectively flagging where claims are incorrect, inaccurate, or incomplete before advancement.

Technology Integrations and Trackable KPIs

Integrations with common software suites provide seamless data flow to and from Claim Assist Technologies. Our system is set up to track KPIs in real-time with clean, usable data that is readily available for analysis.

Experience the Claim Assist Solutions Difference

With deep industry knowledge and a comprehensive suite of insurance claims solutions, Claim Assist Solutions can anticipate and overcome insurance challenges before they even arise. Contact us today if you’re interested in finding out more information, need fast assistance, or are ready to get started.

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