We offer comprehensive solutions for handling auto claims from start to finish. Our expertise in Auto adjusting allows us to bring the scoping of any sized project down to a science with a fully staffed team of adjusters ready to deliver a tailored solution to our partners.

All Types of Auto Claims

From simple property damage to complex injuries to collision and comprehensive claims, our expertise covers all types of auto claims. Auto services are tailored to your exact needs. Whether it is task-based or end-to-end auto work, our team will work hand-in-hand developing the most efficient package suited for the situation.

Claim Assist Technologies for the Auto Market

Claim Assist Technologies is the software at the center of Claim Assist Solutions’ claim handling that can help make the claims process in the auto market as simple and streamlined as possible.

Experience the Claim Assist Solutions Difference

With deep industry knowledge and a comprehensive suite of insurance claims solutions, Claim Assist Solutions can anticipate and overcome insurance challenges before they even arise. Contact us today if you’re interested in finding out more information, need fast assistance, or are ready to get started.

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