Get Back to Normal
Faster with
Expert Inspectors

Claim Assist Solutions’ inspection services deliver qualified inspectors anywhere in the United States. Our team of professionals help customers settle claims and return life back to normal — effectively and efficiently.

A Vast Network of Field Inspectors

Our network of over 17,000 independent field adjusters is strategically placed throughout the United States, allowing us to provide prompt service and minimize the disruption to lives.

Virtual Inspections

Compared to field inspections, virtual inspections take mere hours rather than days or weeks. Claim Assist Technologies is Claim Assist Solutions’ management platform that optimizes claims processing with virtual inspections.

Quality Program

Through a calculated mix of automated and manual controls, our diligent approach to quality assurance ensures we work with a high degree of accuracy.

Experience the Claim Assist Solutions Difference

With deep industry knowledge and a comprehensive suite of insurance claims solutions, Claim Assist Solutions can anticipate and overcome insurance challenges before they even arise. Contact us today if you’re interested in finding out more information, need fast assistance, or are ready to get started.

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